X-ray inspection equipment (various development equipment)

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Equipment that takes 360-degree X-ray images (radiography) of an object and inspects its internal state without destroying it


The inspection system can check for internal damage, cracks, and foreign objects without destroying the object, and measure and analyze the size of the object.
Automatic workpiece feeding, setting on the inspection stage, and storing are possible.
Outline specifications
-External dimensions: approx. 1,520 x 1,486 x 1,452 mm
-Electrical panel : approx. 1,000 x 350 x 12,000 mm
—Workpiece transfer robot [W-hand type XYZ robot with workpiece chucking mechanism
—Driving range : X-axis 600mm, Y-axis 800mm, Z-axis 200mm
—Speed :1~400mm/sec
—Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm
—Hand 1 Driving Range :20mm
—Hand 2 driving range: 10mm
-XYZ Stage with chucking mechanism
—Drive Range: X axis 200mm, Y axis 15mm, Z axis 250mm
—Speed: X axis 225mm/sec Y axis 15mm/sec Z axis 250mm/sec
—Repeat positioning accuracy: X axis 0.01mm Y axis 6um Z axis 0.01mm
—theta stage
—Drive range: 360deg
—Maximum speed: 30deg/sec
—Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05deg
X-ray Tube Unit 【Transmission sealed tube L12531 manufactured by Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
—X-ray tube voltage : 40 to 110kv
—X-ray tube current :10 to 200uA
– X-ray detector [TELEDYNE’s 1.68 megapixel flat panel Shad o Box 1280HS] — X-ray detector

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