substrate divider.

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Reliable alignment of even the smallest chip

This is an automatic divider for ceramic substrates for micro chip resistors (0603, 0402mm).
High quality division is possible by reproducing human-like movements as if the chips were divided by human hands.


  1. fully automatic from end-face cutting to primary partitioning to sputtering jig storage
  2. High processing capacity
  3. Chip size 0603 and 0402mm can be used.

General Specifications

External dimensions 1,100 x 900 x 1,500 mm
Applicable chip size 0402, 0603
Substrate size Length 65mm or less, Width 50mm or less, Thickness 0.25mm or less
Number of jig sets 0.25sec/1 strip

Inquiry for details

If you are interested in introducing the equipment, please contact the person in charge below.

Sales Department 2, Kobe Head Office