Screen Printing Machine

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  • Various development equipment

Printing on any material

We have shipped more than 200 units of screen-printers
We offer a variety of high-precision printing systems that meet customer needs in the field of small-sized precision printing, ranging from semi-automatic printing machines for prototype development to fully automatic printing systems with pattern recognition for production use, by incorporating various unique technologies based on high rigidity, including the center positioning mechanism that we developed in 1988, a world first. We offer a variety of high-precision printing systems to meet customers’ needs in the field of small precision printing.

Our screen printers are capable of printing on green sheets such as LTCC, and versatile printing on solar cells, glass substrates, printed circuit boards, small electronic components, etc.


  • Equipped with AOI equipment
  • Printing tact time: 3.5sec/sheet (approx. 17 sheets/min.) *Fastest record
  • SUS cover is available.
  • Screen back wipe mechanism available (option)
  • Screen size, alignment camera specifications, post-print camera inspection, etc.
  • Equipment can be manufactured to meet your needs.
Basic specificationsSS-150SS-100
Screen size320×320254×184
Max. printing machine area150×15070×70
Squeegee speed0 to 300mm/sec0 to 300mm/sec
Squeegee stroke200mm140mm
Printing pressure 2~7kg2~6kg

Inquiry for details

If you are interested in introducing the equipment, please contact the person in charge below.

Sales Department 2, Kobe Head Office