LASER BLENDER Ryujin & Raijin

  • Precision Equipment
  • Laser Abrasion

“Local,” “imaging,” and “depth” analysis

This system is a next-generation laser ablation system that realizes high-speed and high-precision elemental analysis.

It can perform “imaging” and “depth” analysis at the targeted location on the sample by direct approach to the individual sample, which not only simplifies the preprocessing of ICP analysis but also expands the range of analytical methods.

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  • FHG f’s laser reduces thermal effects and generates finer and more precise particles.
  • High-speed ablation by galvanometer scanner.
  • High spatial resolution measurement is possible with a minimum 1μmφ light focus diameter.
  • Equipped with a goniometer to compensate for sample tilt.
  • Ablation shape can be set arbitrarily by using a tablet terminal.

General Specifications

  • Laser :Quadruple wave femtosecond
  • Optical instrument : Galvano scanner
  • Focusing lens
  • Raijin alpha : fθ
  • Ryujin:fθ, objective lens

Inquiry for details

Please contact the following person for detailed specifications, functions, and requested analysis.

Sales Department 2, Kobe Head Office